Medical workers go into quarantine at Da Nang Hospital
doyen1988 27-07-2020, 12:51

Medical workers go into quarantine at Da Nang Hospital

The latest move comes following two latest novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, known as patient 416 and 418, arrived at the Da Nang Hospital for receiving medical check-up and paying visits to their relatives

Several health workers were taken to the hospital by their relatives so they could begin their 14-day isolation period and fulfill their responsibility of taking care of patients,

Medical workers arrive at the medical facilities to begin their mandatory quarantine period ahead of time.

A male doctor brings a few simple personal belongings with him to the hospital

All doctors and medical staff working at Da Nang Hospital are expected to self-isolate for the next 14 days and use the COVID-19 test kits manufactured in the nation

Among those also in hospital are relatives of the patients

A son takes his mother who is a health worker of Da Nang Hospital in order to undergo the mandatory quarantine period which is set to last until August 9

A female medical staff receives meticulous care from her husband

Security guards on duty at Da Nang Hospital

Once all 2,200 medical staff who work at Da Nang Hospital take COVID-19 tests, the city’s medical sector will continue to conduct COVID-19 tests at the C Hospital in the central city, in addition to tourist sites popular among foreigners, as well as at the various residences of infected cases.