Top suggestions for cheap street food in Ho Chi Minh City
VietReader 26-07-2020, 13:54

Top suggestions for cheap street food in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Con Rua, also known as Turtle Lake, in District 3 is a popular spot among the youth where visitors can find dishes as cheap as VND10,000 to VND30,000 (US$0.43 – US$1.3). (Photo: Chuotoo)

Alley 200 in Chieu village of District 4 typically serves diners between 5pm and 3am, with all dishes reasonably priced at VND20,000 ($0.87) each. (Photo: Jayzfood)

Pha lau, a dish that is usually served with bread and sweet-and-sour fish sauce, is an unmissable food to sample in Alley 200. (Photo: Nhitruong1806)

The Cambodian market located in District 10 offers a number of special local delicacies such as sweet soup and Hu Tieu, a type of noodles. (Photo: Hukha.foodaholic)

Visitors are able to spend around VND10,000 to VND50,000 (or more than US$2) on each dish. (Photo: damanfood)

Ha Ton Quyen street in District 11 is a popular suggestion for lovers of Chinese food. (Photo: Thon.foodie)

The street is open to guests the entire day, although it’s most busy between 5pm and 10pm. (Photo: Thon.foodie)

A normal dish on the street costs between VND30,000 and VND45,000 (nearly US$2). (Photo:

Pham Van Dong avenue in Go Vap of Binh Thanh and Thu Duc districts is famous for seafood, grilled meat, and noodles, offering a variety of choice for diners. (Photo: Food_holikasu)

A typical set of dishes costs VND35,000 (or just $1.5). (Photo: hetmydiscovery)