COVID-19: Critically ill patient in Da Nang on ECMO life support
ChandraGarran04 25-07-2020, 22:29
COVID-19: Critically ill patient in Da Nang on ECMO life support
The patient is on ECMO life support in the ICU (Photo:

The patient, dubbed patient 416, is in critical condition and at high risk of death, said the treatment sub-committee under the Ministry of Health, adding he will be on a ventilator and an ECMO machine for a long time.

The 57-year-old man is currently staying in the intensive care unit of Da Nang Hospital, taking in sedatives and undergoing constant dialysis to maintain his kidney function.

This is the third coronavirus patient in Vietnam who has required ECMO life support. One of the two other patient was Stephen Cameron, a British citizen who was the most severe coronavirus case in Vietnam.

Doctors from Cho Ray hospital that had treated the British patient arrived at Da Nang Hospital to support their colleagues.

The ECMO machine, considered the ‘last-ditch’ intervention for a coronavirus patient, is used when all other conventional treatments fail.

The man was confirmed on July 25 to have carried the virus after five COVID-19 tests. The infection ended the 99-day long streak that Vietnam had recorded no new locally transmitted cases.

The source of infection is still unknown. The Prime Minister has directed the healthcare sector to save his life.

By July 25 afternoon, the Da Nang Department of Health identified 1,079 people who had contact with the patient. Of the total, 288 people in direct contact with the patient were placed in quarantine for medical surveillance.

The Danang Center for Disease Control (CDC) collected 175 samples for testing with 107 of them coming back negative.