Daily Love Horoscope for July 22: Astrological Prediction for Zodiac Signs
thamnguyen99 21-07-2020, 15:49

Jul 22, 2020, Horoscope for love – The playful Sun arrives in vocal Leo, showing us paths to more passionate potential, romantic adventure, and sensual pleasure. The recognition of the miracle of life brings out our generosity, especially to those whom we love with all our hearts. The Moon’s shift into Virgo later tonight helps us visualize wild, ardent fantasies in great detail. There’s nothing we won’t be able to manifest now: Our desirous dreams are just too powerful to ignore.

Daily Love Horoscope for July 22: Astrological Prediction for Zodiac Signs


Today’s love forecast: The planetary energy may encourage you to be even more opaque than usual today. You enjoy playing games with your loved one at the best of times, but now may feel like taking them for a long and convoluted ride. The conversation will be quite seductive, and you certainly know how to lead it in certain directions, and how to play down certain elements while enhancing others.

Today’s love forecast: You usually like to very straightforward and direct, which is why you may surprise yourself today, under the influence of the current planetary energy. For some reason that you can’t truly fathom, you may find that you enjoy peppering the truth with a few well-chosen adjectives and images in order to make yourself more desirable. Your crush will probably fall for it!


Today’s love forecast: The aspect at play brings certain home truths closer to home and may drive others farther away. Communication is more of a game to see who can guess the other’s motives, rather than an enjoyable way to pass the hours away together. It is as though you are both trying to second-guess each other while at the same time pretending to be completely honest.


Today’s love forecast: Emotions are bound to come to the fore, with today’s planetary alignment. You may be able to hide some of your more powerful feelings behind a wall of nonchalance, but not all of them by any stretch. Your new lover will be able to clearly see that you are falling madly in love with them, even if you are pretending that you don’t really care.


Today’s love forecast: Today’s celestial energy may be encouraging you to spin a few tall stories out of some relevant facts. Somehow you just can’t bear to let your crush believe that you have led an ordinary life, as most of us have. Because you are already very enamored by them, you want them to think you are highly desirable and special – and by the end of your conversation they will!


Today’s love forecast: Although communication ought to be fairly straightforward with today’s astral configuration, it may not be quite that simple. If you have just started out on a new relationship, then you may not be being quite honest with each other, for whatever reasons. You may both be in the situation where you feel you can reveal so much, but no more. Many things are hidden from view.


Today’s love forecast: Today’s alignment of the planets may mean you are not quite sure how to approach a certain subject, even though it ought, theoretically, to be a pleasure to talk about. You feel in your heart that your new lover is quite passionate about you, and yet they may not have actually said so. You get the sense that they are not being honest, even though they exhibit adoration for you.


Today’s love forecast: Communication between people is usually attempted in order to clear matters up and to bring hidden things out into the light. But with today’s celestial energy, things that ought to be quite obvious are somehow ignored or pushed to one side, while the conversation continues with a discussion of everything but the real issue in question. If you can be plain speaking, you will be rewarded.


Today’s love forecast: Today’s celestial configuration may encourage you to be even more obscure than usual. It is not that you mean to be so enigmatic, or to hide the truth from your dearest heart, but more that you like to play with any number of possibilities at one time. Saying what you mean or meaning what you say tends to narrow your range quite dramatically.


Today’s love forecast: You may find it hard to cope with the fact that you cannot seem to get the information you are seeking out of the person sitting in front of you. The celestial energy indicates that even though the communication potential is good, you are hoping to hear a definite statement of feeling, and this could be what is causing the problem. They are determined not to make themselves vulnerable.


Today’s love forecast: The aspect at play encourages your thoughts to fly, and also to hide away. Somehow you do not want your latest romantic interest to know everything about you too soon, and so may appear particularly reticent and opaque. Yet you are equally determined to find out as much about them as you can, without giving too much away. One of you has to spill the beans soon.


Today’s love forecast: You generally like to compromise when it comes to making decisions with your partner and hate to upset the delicate balance of the relationship by appearing to be too selfish or demanding. Yet today’s planetary energy may encourage you to put your point forward in such a way that your loved one knows what you want and dares not refuse, even though you may not have openly mentioned it.