Vietstock ExPo and Forum 2022: Towards food safety
ChandraGarran04 16-09-2022, 06:19
Vietstock ExPo and Forum 2022: Towards food safety

Press conference on Vietstock Expo and Forum 2022. Photo: Quang Linh.

On the morning of September 14, in Hanoi, there was a press conference about Vietstock Expo and Forum 2022 - Vietnam's leading international trade exhibition on livestock, animal feed, and meat processing industry organized by the Department of Livestock Production.

Vietstock Expo and Forum 2022 will take place from October 12-14, 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City, with the most significant expected scale in Vietnam.

Vietstock is one of the important exhibitions, helping all partners in the industry have the opportunity to exchange and cooperate, fulfilling the mission of ensuring food security for nearly 100 million people in the country as well as for export.

Mr. Tong Xuan Chinh, Deputy Director of the Department of Livestock Production, said that Vietstock 2022 is a significant event in the modernization of the livestock industry at all stages of production. Along with that, animal feed production and technology applications play a critical role in promoting the livestock industry in Vietnam to meet the target of average growth of 5-6% per year. 

Over time, the livestock industry has had rapid development, shown in some results, such as livestock significantly contributing to the private sector system, especially enterprises.

The Deputy Director of the Department of Livestock Production added that success in the livestock sector is necessary to ensure productivity, food quality, safety, and animal welfare regulations. The breeding and slaughtering process is carried out following current laws. 

Regarding the challenges facing the livestock industry, Mr. Chinh emphasized that 47% of livestock production is still in the household area, which is often exposed to market risks, diseases, and feed prices. Therefore, policies are necessary to support small-scale livestock households to become professional livestock households, ensuring biosecurity, environmental sanitation, and disease safety.

In the coming time, Mr. Chinh said that the livestock industry has critical orientations and tasks. That is to have supportive policies, build a system of legal documents, and ensure control of all stages in the industry to modernize and industrialize the livestock industry. 

Secondly, develop standards for the development of farm animals at different scales, especially large-scale farms of enterprises, to promote closed value chains with large enterprises.

Mr. Tong Xuan Chinh, Deputy Director of the Department of Livestock Production, spoke at the press conference. Photo: Quang Linh.

The event has more than 150 exhibitors from many countries and regions such as Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy... and famous brands. such as Famsun, Big Herdsman, Pigtek, Big Dutchman, De Heus...

"The meat production and processing industry in Vietnam will certainly develop very well in the future, and to develop, food safety and sustainable development are important factors," said Mr. Rungphech Chitanuwat Rose, ASEAN regional director of Informa Markets Group, shared so at the press conference about Vietstock Expo and Forum 2022.

Mrs. Rungphech Chitanuwat Rose emphasized food security, food safety, and sustainable development are the goals of this exhibition. 

"Exhibitions and seminars feature many technological innovations, which will help Vietnamese farmers apply them to production to ensure food safety, security, and sustainability.

Farmers are also connected with suppliers at this event to grasp the latest technology. This year, there are exhibitions, seminars, and discussions to provide in-depth knowledge and update the latest trends in the livestock industry.

The highlight of this year's exhibition is the booth that treats waste as a source of electrical energy and fertilizer, thereby aiming for sustainable development," said Mrs. Rungphech Chitanuwat Rose.

In addition, the exhibition also organizes many side activities such as international seminars and technical seminars to bring useful activities, provide in-depth knowledge as well as update the latest trends of the livestock industry.

In addition, the exhibition also organizes an accessible business connection program for exhibitors and trade buyers at the exhibition.

The event is not only a perfect business forum to showcase superior technologies and products but also an opportunity to meet, exchange, and learn new specialized knowledge and be honored in the livestock industry.

Also at the press conference, Ms. Pham Thi Kim Dung, representative of the Department of Livestock Production, informed about the Livestock Vietstock Awards. The Department of Livestock Production chairs the award to honor businesses and cooperatives that have made tremendous and meaningful contributions to the development of the livestock industry in Vietnam. The deadline to submit nominations is September 26, 2022, and the Award Ceremony will take place during the Opening Ceremony of Vietstock Expo and Forum 2022 on October 12, 2022.

Author: Quang Linh

Translated by Ha Phuc