HCMC chairman calls on residents to unite in Covid-19 fight
duonghanhnguyen 20-07-2021, 15:28
HCMC chairman calls on residents to unite in Covid-19 fight

HCMC chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong - PHOTO: HCMC PRESS CENTER

HCMC - HCMC chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong issued a letter on July 19 calling on all the people in the city to unite to fight off the Covid-19 pandemic, especially as the number of new infections remains high.

"Our beloved city is experiencing a very difficult time as the trajectory of the Covid-19 pandemic is very unpredictable, with all aspects of life affected,” Phong said.

The city government is taking strong measures and addressing shortcomings in its Covid battle.

“Imposing citywide social distancing following the prime minister’s Directive No. 16 from 0 a.m. on July 9 was a tough decision for the city government as this measure severely affects economic development, especially people’s livelihoods,” the city chairman said.

However, the health of the people must be the top priority. Therefore, the city has to take stricter Covid-19 containment measures to prevent the pandemic from spreading further and bring it under control.

The city has promptly supported people affected by the pandemic, especially those in difficult circumstances, increased the supply and distribution of goods for citizens and stabilized the prices of goods.

Besides the determination and unity of millions of its citizens, the city has also received support from local and foreign individuals and organizations, the central Government, other cities and provinces and overseas Vietnamese.

After 10 days of carrying out the stay-at-home order, the city has made significant progress in the fight against the pandemic thanks to the great efforts and sacrifices of frontline workers and most importantly, the unity of the people.

However, there are still a number of issues that need to be resolved, such as violations against social distancing regulations, the shortage of goods in some areas, price increases and fake news that causes anxiety and panic among the community.

In the coming time, the city will continue to deploy various solutions such as increasing testing efficiency, strengthening control over compliance with the shelter-in-place order, providing support for people in areas on lockdown and enhancing the Covid-19 treatment capacity.

The city will also accelerate the Covid-19 vaccination so that two-thirds of the population will be vaccinated by the first quarter of 2022.

During the fifth round of vaccination, HCMC will give priority to people with underlying health conditions, those aged over 65, the poor and policy beneficiaries as well as employees working at enterprises, production facilities, utility services, food, healthcare and a number of other industries.

The citizens can call the hotline 1022 or contact the local authorities if they need support.

The city is promoting e-commerce and online shopping to restrict direct contact, while gradually resuming traditional markets under strict surveillance. To ensure a sufficient supply of goods for residents, the city is also organizing mobile goods stores and zero-dong mini marts.

“To successfully put the pandemic under control, bring the city back to the new normal, protect citizens’ health and contribute to the city’s development, on behalf of the municipal government, I call on all people and soldiers to continue trusting, supporting, sympathizing and sharing with the city, and strictly comply with social distancing regulations, especially in areas on lockdown,” Phong said.

“I believe that with our joint efforts, unity and determination, we will definitely win this fight, facilitate socioeconomic development and bring peace, prosperity and happiness to the citizens,” he concluded.