Five passers-by positive for Covid-19 after rapid tests in Hoc Mon
duonghanhnguyen 16-07-2021, 19:02
Five passers-by positive for Covid-19 after rapid tests in Hoc Mon

A medical worker takes samples from a man for rapid Covid-19 testing. Hoc Mon District found five passers-by infected with Covid-19 after conducting rapid tests - PHOTO: TNO

HCMC - Competent forces in HCMC’s outlying district of Hoc Mon this morning, July 16, randomly conducted rapid Covid-19 tests on passers-by and found five of them infected with the virus, said the district government.

The five positive Covid-19 cases are two residents of Hoc Mon District, two people residing in District 12 and a milkman in Cu Chi District, the local media reported.

While the milkman was entering the district, the patrol team stopped him to conduct a rapid test. The test result came back positive for Covid-19, a representative of the patrol team said.

The district has sent out 12 patrol teams to conduct random checks and rapid tests and to fine those violating anti-pandemic regulations.

The Hoc Mon government said that after the rapid tests, the positive cases would be grouped into the screening category to wait for the official results.

Meanwhile, those who test negative for Covid-19 are required to state their reasons for stepping out and face fines if their reasons are not deemed urgent or essential.

Over 20 people have been fined for going out for non-essential purposes, at VND2 million each.

As HCMC is applying the stay-at-home order to stop the spread of Covid-19, the district government asked residents to stay calm, stay at home and strictly comply with Covid-19 safety protocols to suppress the Covid-19 pandemic.