US Embassy Press Attaché Vietnam effectively controlling pandemic
hanguyen0409 1-07-2021, 00:07

Since the pandemic broke out worldwide, the US and Vietnam have cooperated in many aspects to prevent the novel disease. Vietnam Times would like to share the interview with Rachael Chen, Press Attache of the US Embassy to Vietnam about the US - Vietnam's cooperation and her personal view about Vietnam's Covid prevention.

US Embassy Press Attaché Vietnam effectively controlling pandemic

Rachael Chen, Press Attache of the US Embassy to Vietnam

- How to assess the Vietnamese government's efforts in preventing and controlling the pandemic?

My colleagues in the US diplomatic mission to Vietnam specializing in health issues have collaborated with Vietnamese colleagues since the pandemic first appeared last year.

They have closely watched the situation and have noticed some elements implementing the Vietnamese Government's effective control over the pandemic. Firstly, so far, 80-90% of Covid-19 infections recorded in Vietnam's current outbreak are not in a critical situation, which shows the government's efficient work to detect positive cases. The sooner the cases are discovered, the sooner the patients will the treated. Therefore, critical symptoms can be avoided.

Secondly, the government has trained doctors and nurses in hospitals nationwide so that any district-level hospital can take care of Covid patients, which helps reduce overload.

Thirdly, regarding vaccine management, the government has applied a comprehensive approach. All 63 provinces are attempting to provide vaccines for the people. US mission to Vietnam is proud to support the Vietnamese government in implementing vaccination rollout.

- Preventing Covid-19 is every individual's responsibility. How have you taken part in this work?

The most important is that we together prevent the novel virus's spread. The Vietnamese government's 5K guidelines are helpful. I always wear a mask when going out, regularly wash my hands with hand sanitizer, implement social distancing, avoid gathering and make health declarations when necessary.

- In your opinion, how other people should do to prevent the pandemic?

I think that we all should comply with the government's 5K guidelines. These measures, those simple, are really effective in preventing the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam.

Besides, do consider getting vaccinated when there are vaccines available. If you have any questions, please refer to reliable sources, for example, your doctors.

- How has the US cooperated with the Vietnamese government in preventing Covid?.

The US commits to work with partners all over the world to end the severe public health and economic effects caused by this pandemic.

As a part of this commitment, in February, president Joe Biden announced to spend US$ 4 billion to support the international vaccine mechanism COVAX, paving favorable conditions for the world to access vaccines.

The president said on May 17 that the United States would provide 80 million vaccine doses to meet the global need. It's worth noting that Vietnam is included in the list to receive vaccines this time. He also said on June 10 that the United States would donate 500 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to 92 low- and middle-income countries and economies under Gavi and African Union's COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC), including Vietnam.

The US has donated money and many ventilators to support Vietnam in the fight against Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Based on a 22-year partnership with Vietnam's Ministry of Health, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USCDC) has provided direct technical support to government partners during rapid scientic changes.

Specifically, the US CDC supports the development of national guidelines on surveillance, isolation, laboratory testing, infection prevention and control; hospital staff training to prevent the pandemic spread of Covid-19 in the hospital, among other supports.

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