Overseas Vietnamese children respond to homeland s Covid vaccine fund video
daitranvan 28-06-2021, 06:43

Many overseas Vietnamese children have enthusiastically responded to the homeland’s Covid-19 vaccine fund.

Overseas Vietnamese children respond to homeland s Covid vaccine fund video

Overseas Vietnamese in Germany, Switzerland support Covid-19 vaccine fund

Overseas Vietnamese in Australia, United States support Covid-19 vaccine fund

Children, elderly donate to Covid-19 vaccine fund

Anne-Vy and Maiane send their message to Vietnam. Video: Unite for Vietnam Facebook.

"Fighting, Vietnam! I love Vietnam" is the message of Anne-Vy, 5 and his younger sister, Maiane, 1, the Vietnamese Americans shared on the page “Chung tay vì Viet Nam- Unite for Vietnam” in a campaign to raise funds for 10,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses.

Apart from the lovely message, Anne-Vy and Maiane will deliver a dance performance at the Talents Show: Sống để yeu thương (Live to love), aiming to encourage Vietnamese in the Covid-19 battle as well as respond to the national Covid-19 vaccine.

“Despite being launched since mid-June, the Talents Show has received enthusiastic support from Vietnamese families in the United States,” Pham Hang, the representative of the “Unite for Vietnam” program told VnExpress.

Painting by Vicky Le, 8th grade, a Vietnamese living in Texas, the United States. Photo: Unite for Vietnam Facebook.

Hang said that about 60 performances, including singing, dancing and piano, had been registered by Vietnamese-origin children.

In addition, paintings sent to Talents Show will be auctioned on the program’s page to collect funds for the Covid-19 vaccine fund.

The “10,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses for Vietnam” campaign was kicked off on June 5 by the “Unite for Vietnam” group and dozens of Vietnamese organizations in the United States and Canada, not long after the vaccine fund was established.

Painting by Quynh Huong, 12, living in California. Photo: Unite for Vietnam Facebook.

The campaign, expected to end June 30, not only serves as an occasion for overseas Vietnamese to contribute to the country’s vaccine fund but also to shows the Vietnamese tradition of solidarity and mutual love.

It has so far collected US$ 26,000.

“I am deeply touched by assistance from Vietnamese expats around the world. Wherever Vietnamese are living or working, they always turn their hearts towards the home country,” Hang said.

As of June 16, overseas Vietnamese have donated VND 5.3 billion (about US$ 230,000) for the Covid-19 vaccine fund and the fight against the pandemic.

Vietnam nears vaccination fund goal

Vietnam’s current VND 22 trillion Covid-19 budget is nearly enough to inoculate 75 million of its 96-million population.

Since the National Assembly’s Standing Committee agreed to allocate VND 14 trillion of the national state fund to the vaccination program, along with VND 8 trillion the Covid-19 vaccine fund has raised so far, Vietnam currently has VND22 trillion to purchase vaccines, Finance Minister Ho Duc Phoc told the legislative NA on Thursday,.

In May, Vietnam set up a Covid-19 vaccine fund to raise contributions from various sources, including private companies and citizens, to ease the burden on their resources.

Medics prepare Covid-19 vaccine shots at a vaccination station in HCMC, June 21, 2021. Photo: VnExpress.

The fund has received VND 7.52 trillion and pledges worth around VND 579 billion.

Vietnam aims to procure 150 million doses of vaccines to cover 70% of its population this year, the Health Ministry announced earlier, at an estimated cost of VND 25.2 trillion.

The central government is expected to provide VND 16 trillion of the amount, with cities, provinces and private sources making up the rest.

Vietnam has successfully negotiated for, and will receive more than 120 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines within this year, either via commercial contracts or the Covax mechanism.

Malie Nguyen