Vietnamese community in Kiev Ukraine proudly overcomes Covid 19
hanguyen0409 22-06-2021, 10:04

A representative of the Vietnamese Association of Kiev city (Ukraine), said that after a year of struggling against the pandemic, the Vietnamese community in Kiev has proudly overcome this challenge. The Vietnam Times spoke to representative Nguyen Vinh Phuong about the community's success.

Vietnamese community in Kiev Ukraine proudly overcomes Covid 19

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Nguyen Vinh Phuong, standing vice chairman of the Vietnamese Association in Kiev (Ukraine).

- Could you please tell us about the one-year results of the Vietnamese community in Kiev against Covid-19?

A year ago, on June 20, 2020, the first Vietnamese Covid-19 patient in Kiev was officially announced. This was also the first case in the Vietnamese community across Ukraine, after the coronavirus has entered the country since March 3, 2020.

After a year of struggling against the pandemic, the Vietnamese community in the capital Kiev has proudly overcome this challenge. The results achieved today can be said specifically as follows: All 177 patients officially recorded in the past year (including 1 patient infected twice) have completely recovered, without any symptoms. any deaths occurred.

Hospitalized patients (including 101 people) are treated completely free of charge, even for very severe cases, they do not need to buy medicine themselves, but are provided by the city's hospital.

The center of the capital Kiev is deserted during Covid-19.

- How did you succesfully obtain this result, according to the assessment of the Vietnamese Association of Kiev city?

The capital Kiev has an effective pandemic treatment hospital system and a dedicated team of doctors and nurses with excellent medical ethics. At the most stressful times of the pandemic, patients in the community are still admitted to the city's main hospitals for treatment. All patients, whether isolated at home or hospitalized, feel the doctor's care and attention. The doctors are the ones who create miracles for us Vietnamese and we need to send them our respect, love and deepest thanks.

Next comes the right patient strategy. From the very beginning, the Support Committee for Pandemic Prevention and Control has agreed on the motto "bringing patients to family doctors and hospitals as soon as possible." This has helped patients receive treatment as soon as possible, preventing the progression of serious illness. Hospitalized patients have been taken care of by doctors in a timely manner, and it is also a method of quickly isolating the patient from other family members, helping to control the rapid spread of the pandemic.

Association to support individuals and families in difficult circumstances: During the pandemic, especially when the Ukrainian Government issued blockades, there were a number of families and individuals in the community that fell into difficulty, job loss. The association promptly provided financial support from the Community Development Fund, as well as contacted to arrange jobs at production facilities of Vietnamese enterprises to help them stabilize their lives.

For those in need of repatriation, the Vietnamese Association in Kiev enthusiastically helped and guided the procedures to return to Vietnam on rescue flights, through the direction of the Vietnamese Embassy in Ukraine.

The association promotes propaganda work. The news site "Vietnamese people in Kiev" has become an important source of information for the community, not only in Kiev, but also in Ukraine. Here, people can receive the latest and most accurate information about the pandemic situation in Ukraine, the content of pandemic prevention and control regulations issued by the Government of Ukraine and the Kiev city government. This is also the place where the association publishes the policies of the Embassy, ​​the decisions, notices and recommendations of the association, for people to follow and implement.

Relevant information about each patient in the community is also posted publicly, quickly, so that everyone can care, support, share and be happy after each case is announced to have recovered.

Finally, it can be said that the majority of community members have a good sense of compliance with the pandemic prevention regulations of the Ukrainian government. At the same time, besides the Vietnamese Association of Kiev city, there is the active and effective support of other associations, individuals and volunteer groups in the community. Everyone is aiming for the common goal of uniting, helping and supporting each other to overcome the pandemic.

Leaders of the association expressed gratitude to the doctors of the Children's Hospital in Kiev.

- Besides the activities in the community, it is known that the Vietnamese Association in Kiev also has many activities to help the host government in Kiev. Can you tell me more about these activities?

The association held a tribute to the doctors of 5 key hospitals in Kiev, including Hospitals 4, 8, 9, City Children's Hospital and Oleksandrivska Clinical Hospital. At each place, leaders of the association gave letters of thanks from the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the chief doctors, as well as gratitude by providing financial support to purchase necessary medical equipment for the needs of hospitals. This shows the fine traditional values ​​of the Vietnamese people, which are respect and gratitude.

In addition, the association also donated anti-pandemic medical equipment to High School No. 251 named after Ho Chi Minh. This is the school of the symbol of friendship between Ukraine and Vietnam, also where many Vietnamese children in our community are studying here.

- Currently, the pandemic situation in Ukraine has decreased, what recommendations does the association have for the Vietnamese community?

Currently, when the pandemic situation in Ukraine is showing signs of decline and stabilization, the most important issue is vaccination participation, to protect people's health and contribute to the creation of herd immunity for society. That is the association's recommendation to all people in the Vietnamese community in Kiev.

Rosie Nguyen