Vietnam detects 283 new COVID-19 patients at noon on Wednesday
duonghanhnguyen 10-06-2021, 08:38
Vietnam detects 283 new COVID-19 patients at noon on Wednesday
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Vietnam reported 283 new local cases of COVID-19 at noon on Wednesday, including 274 cases in quarantined or locked down areas.

The new cases include 52 in Bắc Giang Province, 20 in HCM City, six in Bắc Ninh Province, three in Ha Tĩnh Province and one in Ha Noi.

The Bắc Giang Province’s Centre for Disease Control reported an additional 201 cases screened in the locked down areas during May 27-29.

Most of the cases in Bắc Giang and Bắc Ninh are factory workers in quarantined areas.

Among the new cases, local authorities are tracking travel history of one case in Bắc Ninh Province and eight others in HCM City, according to Vietnam News.

Vietnam has recorded over 6,300 new local cases in the latest Covid-19 wave, with 481 of them in HCMC.

With the number Covid-19 infections rising steadily in HCMC, district authorities are worried about not having enough space to quarantine people coming into contact with patients.

It has 7,770 people in government quarantines while 13,714 others are self-quarantining at home and hotels.

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