Education sector organizes tests to suit to present situation
sonnguyen 10-05-2021, 14:40
The Ministry of Education and Training requested schools to adjust their plan for teaching and learning and test schedule to suit to each locality’s present situation with the aim to keep teachers and students safe from the coronavirus. In his urgent letter, the Minister of Education directed departments of education and training; universities, institutes, universities, pedagogical schools on strengthening the implementation of measures against Covid-19.
Accordingly, in the development of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Ministry of Education and Training requested directors of department of education across the country and heads of educational institutions to thoroughly implement the directions by the Prime Minister and the steering committees for Covid-19 prevention and control in each localities, the Ministry of Health’s guidance as well as of the local authorities. Personal responsibility must be raised. Education sector in each locality must closely coordinate with local authorities to proactively formulate scenarios and solutions to be ready to respond to possible outbreaks of the pandemic in schools. Moreover, the system of epidemic prevention and prevention equipment in schools must be preparatory to the possible clusters of Covid-19. Teaching staffs, parents and schoolers’ awareness must be improved and disinfection of classrooms, toilets in schools must be done as per the regulations. Some schools planned online tests for the second semester examination because some cities and provinces have allowed students to stay at home to prevent Covid-19. Currently, Covid-19 spread forces a number of localities leave students out of school while the second semester exam has not been completed. Some schools consider options for students to take the exam online. From May 10, students of the University of Foreign Languages and the Hanoi National University will take the second semester exam in internet. As for Math, Literature and Foreign Languages 1, school will announce the test schedule and format later depending on the development of Covid-19 and direction of related competent agencies; students may take the test through the MS Teams software.

By Phan Thao - Translated by Anh Quan