Students with international academic certificates have advantage over peers
sonnguyen 7-05-2021, 14:38
Students with international academic certificates have an advantage over their peers as universities in Vietnam have lately announced to admit students with international certificates such as foreign language certificates and high school diplomas. However, each school has its own rules that candidates need to understand before applying to the university of their choice. Universities prioritize students with international language certificates surely motivate Vietnamese students to improve their language skills. Previously, very few schools admitted using this criterion, but more facilities accepted students with international certificates this year.
Students apply to the University of Food Industry in HCMC The University of Technology in Ho Chi Minh City has six separate admission approaches. Students admitted to the university must have international certificates or they must be foreigners. Students without English certificate will have to take English Entrance Test. The University of Economics and Law admits students base on their academic performance in high schools and English international certificates for a high-qualified training program or programs delivered by English. Candidates must have average academic scores of 7 up ( upon grading scale of 10) or 8 ( as per grading scale of 2); and IELTS certificates from 5,0 points up or ACT certificate from 25 points up. Teacher Pham Thai Son from the University of Food Industry in HCMC said that the university doesn’t admit students without international certificates straightly but foreign students who graduate the high school examination in their countries according to Vietnam’s present regulations. Some people said that the fact that universities prioritize students with international certificates upon admission will not be fair for students from rural districts; however, teacher Son said that there have been some preferential policies for those in disadvantaged districts. After all, students should improve their English language skills – a mandatory criterion for university graduates.

By Thanh Hung - Translated by Anh Quan