More than 500 parents and children attend the inaugural “Sinh Con, Sinh Cha” workshop
admin 30-06-2020, 10:42

Shortly after the program launch on 23 June 2020 in Hanoi, the inaugural “Sinh Con, Sinh Cha” workshop was organized in Bac Giang, a midland province in Northeastern Vietnam. The workshop focused on the topics of intelligence, behaviors and health of children aged 0 – 6 years. Specifically, the workshop facilitated in-depth discussions about topics such as protecting children against mental abuses, setting a good example for children, child force-feeding; early child education such as teaching young kids about the value of money and hard work, etc. via selected topics from the program’s sitcom series facilitated by Merited Artist Xuan Bac – NFVC’s Goodwill Ambassador.

More than 500 parents and children attend the inaugural “Sinh Con, Sinh Cha” workshop
The exciting activities attracted children and parents

The workshop presented useful content in innovative formats and attracted more than 500 local parents, kindergarten staff and children. Generali Vietnam also offered gifts to 200 disadvantaged kids and 30 special gifts in cash and in-kind to 30 needy families from the local communities.

Speaking at the workshop, Ms. Tina Nguyen, Generali Vietnam CEO, said: “The inaugural “Sinh Con, Sinh Cha” workshop takes place right on the occasion of the National Action Month for Children and Vietnamese Family Day, which aims to promote the messages of child protection and child care as well as the values of family relations. We are very pleased to see the children’s bright smiles and the parents’ great interests in the workshop’s topics. We believe that Generali’s strategy of “Becoming a Lifetime Partner” to millions of Vietnamese families will be realized through this meaningful community program”.

Ms. Tina Nguyen, Generali Vietnam CEO presented gifts to children at Tan My Kindergarten

Ms. Le Thi Nguyet, Vice Chairperson of the National Assembly’s Committee on Social Issues, said: ““Sinh Con, Sinh Cha” is a meaningful project that can have positive impacts on child development. We highly recognize Generali Vietnam’s support and co-operation in organizing child support initiatives, including “Sinh Con, Sinh Cha” as well as other scholarship and gift-giving programs targeted at disadvantaged children in Vietnam over the years. Such initiatives are testament to the company’s commitment in enriching local communities.”

“Sinh Con, Sinh Cha” is part of “The Human Safety Net”, a Generali Group’s global movement initiated in 2017. The Human Safety Net’s families program supports parents in the first six years of their children’s life to lay the strongest possible foundations for their future, contributing to early childhood development in disadvantaged communities around the world.

From now until year end, at least 2,000 parents and children aged 0 – 6 years, and about 400 kindergarten teachers and officers from cities and provinces across Vietnam are expected to benefit from the program. In addition, the program targets to reach millions more via digital platforms.