Snow blankets Mount Fansipan
doyen1988 21-12-2020, 15:27

Snow has covered Mount Fansipan in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai following a sharp temperature drop.

Snow blankets Mount Fansipan

Frost and snow have made Mount Fansipan look like a European winter.

This is the third time Mountain Fansipan has seen such snow this year.

Engineer Luu Minh Hai, director of Lao Cai Province’s Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting, said that snow is a special product of Sapa to attract tourists, but badly affects local people’s lives.

People are warned to wear warm clothes in the snowy weather, particularly the elderly and children.

The temperature of Lao Cai between October and March next year is predicted to be equal to that of many previous years. Meanwhile, it was around 0.5-1 degree centigrade lower in November and December this year and February next year.

The province would see 8-9 strong cold snaps in this year’s winter.