ST25 rice of Vietnam wins award at World's Best Rice Contest 2020
ChandraGarran04 7-12-2020, 22:16

Vietnamese rice ST25 has been awarded the second prize at the World's Best Rice Contest 2020 which took place within the framework of the 12th world rice conference from December 1 to December 3 in the United States, according to local hero Ho Quang Cua, known as the 'father' of ST25 rice.

Vietnamese rice ST25 wins the second prize at the World's Best Rice Contest 2020

As an engineer, Cua explained that the Vietnam Food Association hosted a national rice contest earlier in the year, with ST25 rice going on to win the first prize and therefore be selected to participate in the World's Best Rice Contest 2020.

He added that as a result of the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, only rice samples have been submitted as part of the online conference.

The agronomist added that Vietnamese rice has been the winner of high prizes at the international competition for four consecutive years, with ST25 rice winning the second place in this year’s function. Indeed, plenty of foreign partners have expressed their admiration for the country’s efforts to introduce the brand of Vietnamese rice to the wider international market.

Cua went on to reveal that the organisers will come to the nation in order to award prizes when they find a suitable in the future.

ST25 rice is unique as it is created using the ST25 rice variety by agronomist Cua and his research team from Soc Trang province, including Tran Tan Phuong, deputy director of the Soc Trang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Master Nguyen Thi Thu Huong.

The latest award comes after ST25 rice won the leading prize at the World’s Best Rice Contest which took place last year in the Philippines.

In his role as deputy director of Soc Trang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Phuong outlined that ST25 rice has affirmed the prestige and brand of Vietnamese rice among the international arena, whilst becoming the pride of both Soc Trang province and Vietnam as a whole.