Vietnam, US hold 2020 defense policy dialogue
daitranvan 24-11-2020, 19:04

Vietnam, US hold 2020 defense policy dialogue
The virtual 2020 Vietnam-US defense policy dialogue (Photo: VNA)

He said the two countries have worked closely on implementing a project to clean up dioxin at Bien Hoa Airport, supporting people with disabilities from Agent Orange/dioxin, overcoming the aftermath of bombs, and search for the remains of missing soldiers. He said the two sides have worked together efficiently helping Vietnam carry out UN peacekeeping operations and raising the capacity of Vietnam’s Coast Guard.

US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs (IPSA) David F. Helvey affirmed that the US values its comprehensive partnership with Vietnam and hopes that the country will continue to thrive and play an important role in the region. He said the US will continue to team up with Vietnam to promote bilateral defense cooperation, including maritime security, UN peacekeeping operations, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief. It will continue taking heed to overcoming the aftermath of war, as it serves as a foundation for bilateral defence ties. He also expressed his gratitude to Vietnam for helping the US search for missing soldiers, and pledged to further bolster mutual projects.