Quang Ngai sees face diphtheria rise
thamnguyen99 20-11-2020, 13:10

The central province of Quang Nam is taking drastic measures for the prevention and control of diphtheria.

Since October, Quang Ngai has recorded 29 diphtheria cases in nine communes with eight in Ba Trang Commune.

Quang Ngai sees face diphtheria rise

A person in Ba To District is given with diphtheria vaccination.

Dr. Dinh Thi Mai Huong, director of Ba To District’s Department of Health, said that five local communes have reported no new diphtheria cases over the past two weeks.

The department has zoned areas with diphtheria cases for sterilisation and defined people who came into close contact with patients. The list of people who need diphtheria vaccination has also been made.

Pham Van Thanh, a resident from Ba Tra Commune, said that medical staff directly instructed local people ways for diphtheria prevention.

Last year, the province also witnessed a diphtheria boom with 28 cases, including three fatalities.

So far this year, around 82,000 doses of diphtheria vaccine have been given to 19 communes of Ba To District. The province is also carrying out a diphtheria vaccination plan for 70 communes in 11 at-risk districts.

The provincial Disease Control Centre has co-operated with Nha Trang Pasteur Institute for diphtheria tests.