Gift market busy ahead of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day
sonnguyen 19-11-2020, 16:23

With the annual celebrations for Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on November 20 fast approaching, business is ramping up in the local gift market, with a wide range of gifts and services on offer to meet all kinds of demands.

Flower shops throughout Hanoi have begun to sell a diverse range of flower bouquets in order to meet the preferences of customers.

A quick survey conducted by VOV reporters at these shops reveals that demand for flowers over the coming days is set to see a sharp increase.

Currently, prices for a typical bouquet of flowers ranges from as low as VND200,000 up to VND1 million, depending on their type.

Furthermore, some customers choose to purchase colourful gift sets, with the price going from VND300,000 to VND500,000 per set.

Clothes shops have also been busy with a growing number of orders coming through their various attractive promotional schemes.

Plenty of cosmetic shops successfully attract a huge number of costumers.

A cosmetic seller in Xuan Thuy street states that during Teachers’ Day, a package of shampoo and hair conditioner would be priced from VND300,000 to VND700,000, lipstick from VND400,000 to VND700,000, whilst skincare products start at VND400,000.