VFF vows to promote national unity for national development
ChandraGarran04 17-11-2020, 19:55

The Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) vows to unite people from all social strata for the cause of national construction and defence, as well as global integration.

VFF Central Committee President Tran Thanh Man

VFF Central Committee President Tran Thanh Man, who is also member of the Party Central Committee, made the remarks during an interview granted to VOV in the lead up to the VFF’s 90 founding anniversary.

He outlined how the VFF has always played an important role in popularizing and implementing the Communist Party of Vietnam’s guidelines and State policies over the years, so as to effectively realize its programs of action.

In addition, the VFF has also listened to and gathered public opinions and recommendations in order to better take care of their material and spiritual lives, thereby contributing to creating social consensus and building the greater national unity bloc.

“We attach great importance to promoting national unity, and only when national unity is promoted, will we overcome all difficulties and challenges in the future,” Man said.

The VFF president also noted that over the years all VFF chapters at the grassroot levels have also actively encouraged citizens to promote democracy, carry out social supervision and criticism, along with preventing and fighting corruption and wastefulness. These efforts therefore significantly contribute to building a strong Party and State while pinning people's faith in the nation’s leadership.

The VFF has also expanded people-to-people diplomacy through meetings and exchanges in order to strengthen the friendship, solidarity, and co-operation relations between the people of Vietnam and other countries around the world.

In addition, many campaigns launched by the VFF such as “Day for the Poor” and “Vietnamese people prioritise using Vietnamese goods” have received great support and response from people and businesses.

Regarding future tasks, Man said the VFF will continue to uphold its motto of national unity and improve the quality of patriotic emulation campaigns, so as to create social consensus among Vietnamese people both locally and internationally to unite to overcome difficulties caused by epidemics and natural disasters.

The VFF will also strive to improve the efficiency of the fight against corruption and wastefulness, and launch emulation movements to welcome the upcoming 13th National Party Congress and the 10th National Patriotic Emulation Congress.


Source: https://vov.vn/en/politics/domestic/vff-vows-to-promote-national-unity-for-national-development-818113.vov