PM hosts press conference on outcome of 37th ASEAN Summit
duonghanhnguyen 15-11-2020, 21:57

PM hosts press conference on outcome of 37th ASEAN Summit

Mr. Phuc said strategic competition among major countries poses a significant challenge to ASEAN states.

“Major countries play an important role in ensuring peace, maintaining stability, and promoting prosperity around the world including Southeast Asian nations. ASEAN in general and Vietnam in particular want positive relations and healthy competition among major countries as well as their respect for ASEAN’s centrality, contributing practically and effectively to peace, security, cooperation, and development in the region.”

“In the spirit of building a cohesive and responsive ASEAN, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries have reached consensus on our stance and actions and have worked with our partners for an open, transparent, and rule-based region,” said Mr. Phuc.

The PM said the US has had fruitful relations with Vietnam and ASEAN on the basis of mutual understanding and respect. The participation of the US National Security Advisor in the 8th ASEAN-US Summit demonstrated the US’s interest in ASEAN, he noted.

“Growing trade and economic cooperation has created a long-term foundation for the relationship between the US and Vietnam and other ASEAN states. ASEAN highly values its strategic partnership with the US on the basis of independence, respect for sovereignty, and shared interest in building a region of peace, stability, development, and prosperity,” said the PM.

Mr. Phuc stressed he is confident that member countries will ratify the just-signed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).