Free lemon iced teapots for workers amid scorching summer days in Hanoi
admin 25-06-2020, 09:57

Mr. Hung has been discharged from K Tan Trieu hospital, drinks iced tea glasses at noon on June 24. “These actions deserve receiving compliments”, he said Photo: VNExpress

“From 10 a.m daily, many motorbike drivers, shippers, and vendors halt to drink tea. People come and go continuously”, said Mr.Tung, adding that he feels extremely delighted as he can share difficulties with workers.

Mr. Dinh Hung Song, 52, wearing a heavy backpack walked past the lemon tea spot. He stopped briefly until seeing the word “free”, he dared to enter. Having just been discharged from K Tan Trieu hospital, he was catching the car to come back to his hometown in Dong Trieu, Quang Ninh. Over the past few weeks, he felt the most tired, not because of his illness, but the extremely hot weather. After drinking glasses of cool water, he profusely thanked.

To make ends meet, many people have to move in the fierce at noon Photo: Hanoi Times 

On recent days, the temperature in Hanoi has peaked an average 39 degrees Celsius at 11 a.m; however, the outdoor temperature has been estimated about 46-47 degrees Celsius due to the urban heat effect; UV index is from 9 to 10, the dangerous level for human’s body when in direct contact. But because of livelihood, numerous people still have to move in the fierce sun at noon, informed Hanoi Times.