Ecopark to house US international school
admin 24-06-2020, 15:51
Ecopark to house US international school
Chadwick Glob, al Enterprises LLC, Ecopark Corporation and Digital Daesung Co Ltd signed a co-operation agreement. — Photo courtesy of Ecopark

The US non-profit educational foundation Chadwick has made its debut in Viet Nam through a partnership signed between Ecopark Corporation, Digital Daesung Co Ltd (South Korea) and Chadwick Global Enterprises LLC on Tuesday.

The move is part of Ecopark’s efforts to become a knowledge-based community with a modern and world-class education system.

Under the agreement, Chadwick International School Hanoi will be constructed on an area of nearly 50,000sq.m adjacent to the ‘Ecopark Grand – The Island’ villa development with the hope of being a top international school in Viet Nam. The school is scheduled to begin enrollment in 2022 with up to 2,000 students.

Chadwick currently operates two campuses. Chadwick was established in 1935 and is currently included in the top 1.6 per cent evaluation of K12 schools in the US.

Digital Daesung, the other founding partner of The Chadwick International School Hanoi, is South Korea’s most prestigious college preparatory institution. Daesung’s students have consistently ranked highest in South Korea’s SAT exam each year for the past 10 years.

A representative from Digital Daesung said: “The collaboration with Ecopark Corporation, Chadwick and Daesung will establish this international school together to provide exciting new academic opportunities to Vietnamese students.”

Nguyen Dung Minh, Deputy General Director of Ecopark Corporation, said: “These strategic co-operation agreements with leading educational brands from South Korea and the US reinforce Ecopark’s long-term strategic vision of providing market-leading educational opportunities in Ecopark Corporation’s communities.”

According to the British weekly The Economist, Viet Nam’s education spending amounts to US$9 billion, a three-fold increase from 2010. — VNS