342 more Vietnamese repatriated from Japan due to COVID-19
admin 24-06-2020, 15:17
342 more Vietnamese repatriated from Japan due to COVID-19

The repatriation flight was arranged with assistance from the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan and relevant agencies in the host country, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.

Passengers on board the flight were minors under 18, the elderly, people with underlying illnesses, and guestworkers whose labour contracts had terminated.

The Vietnamese embassy dispatched officials to the airport to assist the Vietnamese citizens with necessary procedures before they boarded the plane for home.

Vietnam Airlines strictly implemented security, safety and epidemiology measures during the flight, in order to protect the passengers’ health and prevent the spread of the virus.

After landing at Da Nang International Airport, all the passengers and crew members underwent medical check-ups and were transferred to quarantine facilities according to regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control.

Earlier on June 5, Vietnam Airlines also conducted a repatriation flight, bringing home more than 340 Vietnamese citizens stranded in Japan.