Vietnamese primary teacher makes unique handicraft from rice straw
ChandraGarran04 28-10-2020, 12:53

Vietnamese primary teacher makes unique handicraft from rice straw

Art teacher Dang Vu Linh (Photo: SGGP)

According to Mr. Linh, agriculture is the key industry of his fatherland of Dong Thap Province; therefore, the source of straw material is endless.
Straw is normally used as livestock feed, fertilizer, and to create works of art. Especially, the straw has three main colors including white, yellow, and dark colors. Teacher Linh said he uses white color for brightness, dark color for the background and yellow for liveliness of pictures.
He shared that he spent two years researching and then made good handicraft works such as rural landscape and lotus flower from paddy straw with the brand name of Hong Ngu, a name of a district in Dong Thap Province .

He also thinks about different protective measures to prevent his works from harmful insects and use gloss paints to increase the aesthetic of his works.

Averagely, it takes him approximately two weeks and two days to finish a big picture and a small picture respectively. Lately, he has used lac, a different agricultural material, to creat many stereotypes for diversification of his products. In the coming time, he will launch new products- portrait of animals – to market.
These days, his art products have been widely welcomed by local consumers.

By SGGP staff writers – Translated by Anh Quan