Hanoi drug tests bus drivers
thamnguyen99 23-10-2020, 16:03

Hanoi Department of Transport on October 23 carried out drug testing for all bus drivers and assistants at Yen Nghia Bus Station.

Hanoi drug tests bus drivers

Hanoi drug tests bus drivers.

Yen Nghia is one of three most crowded bus stations in Hanoi. The Department of Transport has worked with the Department of Health and the police to carry out the testing. Inter-province bus drivers and assistants are also tested.

They also reviewed the working conditions of drivers and their vehicles.

Nguyen Tuan Anh, the representative of Hanoi traffic inspectorate, said they took urine samples for the drug tests.

Taking samples

If a driver or assistant is found out to have used drugs while working, he will be suspended and the employers will be notified. The test results will be sent to the National Institute of Forensic Medicine for following procedures such as taking blood samples for more accurate testing.

The authorities have taken samples from 69 drivers and assistants. The tests will be carried out in one or two days later. The results will be published.

Drug tests carried out at Yen Nghia Bus Station.

On September 30 a drug test was carried out at My Dinh Bus Station. Two drivers were found to have used drugs.

The authorities will also carry out drug tests for drivers of contracted cars and taxis.