Smart cities promoted to improve national competitiveness
thamnguyen99 22-10-2020, 18:53

Smart cities promoted to improve national competitiveness

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks at the ASEAN Smart Cities Forum

Chairing the plenary session of the ASEAN Smart Cities Summit in Hanoi, the Vietnamese Prime Minister said as an active member of the ASEAN Smart Cities Network, Vietnam has implemented several policies to develop smart cities considering the job is one of three key tasks in national digital transformation:

“Vietnam considers developing smart, sustainable cities a breakthrough effort in improving national competitive edge. To this end, it’s important to focus on developing strong smart infrastructure and building e-government and then digital government. The effort should be based on continuing achievements and experience of 35 years of national renewal and taking advantage of added values of new technologies while promoting unique cultures of ASEAN countries.” said Phuc.

Mr. Phuc asked the construction sector, localities, and businesses, particularly technology businesses to work closely to develop efficient smart cities: “Urban development is an important channel to boost national growth. Vietnam aims to accelerate and expand urban development to bring the best benefits to the people.”

The Prime Minister also visited an exhibition showcasing latest technologies to develop smart cities.


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