VOV gears up for start of National Radio Festival 2020
admin 23-06-2020, 18:59

VOV gears up for start of National Radio Festival 2020

For this year, the final round of the National Radio Festival will see as many as 27 units from radio and television stations nationwide compete in the live broadcast radio show category.

Radio and television stations based in Dong Thap province host a specialised studio in order to serve the live broadcast radio programme category, allowing competing groups to livestream onto their fan pages.

All equipment for the competition has been transported from Hanoi to Dong Thap province.

Technicians work hard for several consecutive days ahead of the festival’s opening ceremony.

Competitors take part in careful exchanges alongside technicians in order for the best quality of sound possible to be fully prepared for each competition.

The installation is fully completed on June 22. Test are carried out on June 23 ahead of the competition officially beginning on June 24 and running until June 26.

An editor of the Voice of Vietnam’s VOV1 channel makes sure all of the equipment needed to live broadcast the radio programme category has been fully tested.

All issues have been resolved in order to allow for the best performances possible on June 24.

Testing is conducted by an editor from the Voice of Vietnam’s VOV3 channel.

The organisers pledge to create the most favourable conditions possible for participants.