The first electric bus model tested in Vietnam
admin 21-10-2020, 17:25

The first electric bus model tested in Vietnam
VinFast electric bus. Photo: Vingroup /CVN

The vehicle has two main colors, green and black, as well as the typical logo in the shape of the letter V located on the front and rear. Also in the lower right corner of the back is the word "green" , which represents the message "For a green future" aimed at the Vietnamese manufacturer.
VinFast's electric bus does not emit smoke or produce noise, so passengers and drivers will not be disturbed by the smell of gasoline and sound like regular buses.
The first vehicles will be operated by Transport Services Company VinBus, of the Vingroup conglomerate, which will launch an app to help passengers find information on the optimal route.
VinFast said the electric bus battery pack has a capacity of up to 281 kWh. If charged with a 150kW charging station, after just two hours it will be full and able to run from 220-260 km.
The buses will be equipped with various modern technologies to ensure safety and provide convenient services to customers, in addition to the USB port and security cameras.
VinBus will be operated in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc (southern province of Kien Giang) with approximately 150 to 200 vehicles.