UpRace raises US$129100 for charity, scholarships
sonnguyen 17-10-2020, 15:29

UpRace raises US$129100 for charity, scholarships

The money raised through a charity race for UpRace is being donated to Newborns Vietnam, GreenViet, Vietseeds, and Operation Smile. (Photo Courtesy of VNG)

The UpRace was organised by VNG, a technology company from September 18 to October 11. The race’s attendees ran more than 3 million kilometres.
The UpRace’s number of attendees this year reached 114947 double the organisation’s initial expectation.
Rather than racing in person, runners recorded their runs with a mobile application on the UpRace website.
The app and the website measured the cumulative distance, with each validated kilometre fetching donations of at least VND 1000 from sponsoring companies.
The money raised for the four organisations via ZaloPay on UpRace’s Zalo account totalled more than VND114 million .
After the UpRace ended, ZaloPay remained on the organisation’s Zalo account for donations from the community.
Last year, the UpRace run attracted 32000 people and raised VND6 billion ($258500 ) for Newborns Vietnam, GreenViet and Vietseeds.
VNG started UpRace’s Race for the Community in 2018. It provides technical assistance for the race.