Another worker of hydropower plant landslide confirmed dead, 15 still missing
ChandraGarran04 16-10-2020, 14:48

The body of a construction worker buried by a landslide was found Friday near Rao Trang 3 hydropower plant in Thua Thien Hue Province of central Vietnam.

Another worker of hydropower plant landslide confirmed dead, 15 still missing

This was the second victim of the horrific landslide at a construction site near the hydropower plant located deep in the jungle, around 30 km (18.6 miles) from Phong Xuan Commune in Phong Dien District. A total 17 workers were reportedly buried during the incident.

The first victim’s body was found Wednesday. So far, 15 others remain missing.

On Friday morning, the body of the second victim, whose identity has not been disclosed, was found floating on the ground after a torrential downpour Thursday night washed away huge amount of soil and rock.

Colonel Nguyen Dinh Thua, deputy director of Thua Thien Hue Police Department, said authorities are trying to dispatch a boat to the hydropower plant site to retrieve the victim’s body.

As of Friday morning, Phong Xuan Commune is being hit by heavy rains, with sappers struggling to clear the way to Rao Trang 3 hydropower plant. However, bad weather conditions have been hampering rescue efforts.

At around midnight Monday, a collapsing hill had buried the plant’s operation center inside which several employees were sleeping. Since last week, Thua Thien-Hue and other parts of the central region have been drenched by torrential rains, triggering floods and landslides.

On Monday, the provincial Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention, Control and Rescue received a phone call about the landslide near Rao Trang 3 hydropower plant. The informant had climbed a mountain to make the call. The phone number was reported out of service later.

The same night, a 21 member-rescue team had been dispatched to the scene to verify the incident. They stopped at ranger station 67 to rest for the night. A rocky landslide hit the station at midnight. Only eight members of the team managed to escape.

The bodies of 13 members of the rescue team, including Major General Nguyen Van Man, deputy commander of the 4th Military Region of Vietnam People’s Army that oversees the north-central region, were retrieved on Thursday.