COVID-19: criteria to fight effectively
admin 16-10-2020, 11:27
COVID-19: criteria to fight effectively
Body temperature control at Thanh Nhàn hospital in Hanoi.
Photo: VNA /CVN

Currently, more than 1400 hospitals comply with health and safety criteria relating to the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. But there are still more than 35000 establishments such as polyclinics, specialized clinics, traditional medicine clinics and doctor's offices, the attendance of which presents risks, hence the need to set up strict criteria.
The participants at the Wednesday October 14 meeting therefore defined 11 criteria to be observed in the work of prevention and control of infections in overcrowded areas, but also in the management of the risks associated with the patient, his family and the medical staff. These criteria all relate to the five anti-epidemic principles decreed by the Minister of Health: prevent, detect, isolate, eradicate and treat.