Switzerland and Vietnam launch a joint research program
VietReader 15-10-2020, 16:14
Switzerland and Vietnam launch a joint research program
The Swiss Ambassador to Vietnam, Ivo Sieber (3 E Left), and his deputy, Nicole Wyrsch, during the meeting with NAFOSTED. Photo: ST /CVN

Science provides us with the knowledge needed to meet technical, ecological and societal challenges. To this end, global science and technology partnerships will be even more essential in the future.
It is therefore all the more gratifying that the cooperation between the Vietnamese National Fund for the Development of Science and Technology (NAFOSTED) and the Swiss National Fund for Scientific Research (SNSF) will be considerably strengthened in the coming years.
In the past, NAFOSTED and SNSF have cooperated on different short-term projects. By strengthening their bilateral cooperation programs, the two sides are now committed to supporting joint research projects (JRPs).
The call for projects, open to all research fields, was launched on 1 er October 2020.
The grants for JRPs aim to promote collaborative projects with clearly defined objectives, involving at least one partner based in Switzerland and the other in Vietnam. Applicants are encouraged to come up with ambitious research, accompanied by innovative approaches.
Submission deadline in January 2021
The deadline for submission is January 152021. The deadline for voluntary but strongly encouraged pre-registration is November 232020. Projects will run for two to three years. Up to ten projects can be supported with this first joint call.
For more information, please see the links below:
https://nafosted.gov.vn/en/call-for-proposals-for-nafosted-snsf-joint-research-funding-program-in2020/fbclid = IwAR1Rp8g3FpRgWPzK9taIkJ5DqKpSwrYoYyqFqlht6h3hYoYyqf5DqKpSwYoY9CA_8Flht6h2h2_CA_8Fhe3h2h2