Pilot construction of a Smart Village in Binh Duong
VietReader 14-10-2020, 18:51
Pilot construction of a Smart Village in Binh Duong
A view of the park of the capital of Tân Uyên, southern province of Binh Duong . Photo: CTV /CVN

The "Smart Village" is a place where many initiatives will focus on the current problems and needs of the community in terms of technologies, agriculture, employment, improvement of labor productivity for rural populations, community cohesion, health, education, energy, waste treatment, living space, environmental protection,
The "Smart Village" will become in the future an ideal place to live, respectful of nature and the environment, as well as a place to develop smart agriculture and ecotourism, constituting a green symbol of Binh Duong.
During the period 2020-2025 the municipality of Bach Dang, capital of Tân Uyên, will focus on the development of traffic, the application of modern and energy-efficient lighting systems, the installation of safety at important intersections; installation of a collection system for sorted waste,
The locality will also apply the 4.0 production technique to the production and sale of products, linking production with ecotourism development and community, thereby attracting investment to increase productivity and income.
Regarding socio-cultural aspects, the locality will establish a model of complete link between the state, companies, universities and research institutes, install high-speed wifi systems in densely populated areas, provide human resources to businesses, build technology applications, and promote people's roles in solving pressing community issues.