Inside HCM City’s first metro train
ChandraGarran04 14-10-2020, 16:19

The first train of HCM City’s first Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien metro route has been officially launched.

The HCM City Management Authority for Urban Railways (MAUR) on Tuesday held a ceremony to launch the train on the Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien metro line.

The train is designed with a simple interior design that is easy to be cleaned and maintained. It is blue and grey.

The three-carriage trains are 61.5- metre long, 295- metre wide allowing a maximum speed of 110 kilometres per hour. It can transport 930 passengers.

The train has big windows and partitions to separate areas for passengers to stand and sit.

Through the camera system, drivers can see passengers. Air conditioners are installed on the train ceiling.

Inside HCM City’s first metro train

The first three-car train was placed on the T1 metro track at Long Binh Depot on Tuesday morning.

Blue and grey are the train’s two major colours

Glass partitions among rows of seat

First customers test the train

Automatic doors

The cabin

Seats for the elderly, children and pregnant women

The alarm system.

Around 85% of Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien metro line is scheduled to be finished by the end of this year. It is expected to start official operation by the end of 2021.

The 20-km Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien metro line which had an initial investment capital of VND1738 trillion was passed in 2009 by the prime minister. At that time, the project did not belong to the list approved by the National Assembly. However, after that, its investment capital was raised to VND4732 trillion, so it had to seek the National Assembly’s consideration.

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