THE Liberation Information Agency and its noble historical missions
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THE Liberation Information Agency and its noble historical missions
The Articles and Photos Reception and Publishing Service of the Liberation Information Agency at the Duong Minh Châu Base.
Photo: Archives /VNA /CVN

On October 121960 the Liberation Information Agency was officially founded at the Duong Minh Châu resistance base in Tây Ninh province (south). Born and developed in a heroic historic stage of the nation, the Liberation Information Agency is proud to be present from the earliest days until the end of anti-American resistance and to have brilliantly accomplished the task. to cover history and to have participated directly in the fight, accompanying the country on the road to national reunification.
Official organ of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam
In order to serve the foundation of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam and to respond to the new demands and tasks of the Southern Revolution, on October 121960 in the forest of Chàng Riêc, in Tây Ninh, the Information Agency of liberation issued its first newsletter. In her preamble, she solemnly informed compatriots and international friends: "The Liberation Information Agency is the official spokesperson and information body of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, responsible for disseminating the news and the rich experiences of the people in the struggle, reflecting the power growth of the revolutionary movement and the withering away of the administration of South Vietnam " .
The Telegraph Service of the Liberation Information Agency during the anti-American resistance.
Photo: Archives /VNA /CVN

Two months after its founding, the Liberation Information Agency brought to the attention of as many people as possible a historic event: the birth of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam (December 201960). Since then, the Liberation Information Agency has been considered the official organ of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam.
The Liberation News Agency's bulletin is regularly broadcast to Hanoi at 6:00 p.m. and has become an essential source of information for many media in Vietnam and abroad.
Growing up in adversity
Despite numerous difficulties in terms of human resources and technical means, the Liberation Information Agency has continued to develop both in terms of organization and strength.
The Liberation Information Agency is headquartered in the Duong Minh Châu resistance base in Tây Ninh and its branches throughout South Vietnam. The number of reporters, editors and technicians has fluctuated widely, with those who have sacrificed themselves and others coming in as reinforcements. From 1965 the staff of the Liberation Information Agency experienced a sharp increase. It had reached 441 people by the end of 1974.
A group of Vietnamese News Agency reporters cover the Ho Chi Minh campaign in April 1975.
Photo: Archives /VNA /CVN

With the slogan "The radio waves never go out", the Liberation Information Agency, equipped with a 15W transmitter, has improved its available technical means while taking delivery of new means provided in support and assistance. by different sources. It thus became the best-equipped and most secure media outlet among the revolutionary media outlets in the South at the time.
In its more than 15 years of founding and developing under enemy bombardment, the Liberation Information Agency has had to evacuate its headquarters dozens of times. Sometimes in the resistance base of Tây Ninh (in 1960), sometimes in Mã Đà (province of Dông Nai) belonging to the resistance base début (early 1961), sometimes near the border with Cambodia, even temporarily on the ground Cambodian when the United States was expanding the Indochina War (in 1973). Its permanent offices throughout the South have continuously moved, being attacked by US puppet forces. Some permanent offices lost all their troops in combat and had to be re-created and relocated their headquarters. ’
Although faced with so much hardship and suffering, over more than 15 years from its inception to its merger with the Vietnamese Information Agency (VNA) in 1976 the Liberation Information Agency had always taken the lead. front in the work of information and propaganda, becoming the main organ of the revolutionary media bloc in the South during the anti-American resistance and the period following national reunification.
Accomplish the noble historical mission
As an organ of the Southern National Liberation Front, and later, the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam, the Liberation Information Agency championed the truth and aligned itself on the leadership of the Party, becoming a sharp and powerful weapon of revolutionary struggle.
In March 1973 some 150 reporters, telegraphists and technicians from the Vietnamese News Agency went to the battlefields in the south to reinforce the Liberation News Agency.
Photo: Archives /VNA /CVN

The Liberation Information Agency still maintained the flow of information and was present on most fronts and hot spots of the southern battlefield. Her news and photos were still relevant. Along with providing up-to-date information to national and foreign news agencies, his news and photos helped the Party Central Committee for the South to analyze and assess the situation to make strategic decisions, to give timely guidance on activities on the battlefield.
Not a battlefield, not a direction of advancement, not a single battlefield was tracked by journalists from the Liberation Information Agency. Images of reporters working under "rains of bombs, gunfire and bullets" on the battlefield for instant news, photos still smelling of gunpowder, were familiar to participants in the battles, as well as to the agencies. national and foreign press.
Its journalists were the first to be present at important sites where the victories of the Revolution in 1975 occurred
On April 301975 the Liberation Information Agency performed an important historic task of a revolutionary news agency in South Vietnam, which was to take over the management of "Viêt Tân xa" - Government News Agency of the Republic of Vietnam.
By brilliantly fulfilling its information mission and participating directly in the battle full of exploits and sacrifices during the arduous war against foreign invasion, the Liberation Information Agency fulfilled its historic mission.
On May 241976 was a historic moment for the revolutionary information sector, the Vietnamese Information Agency ( Viet Nam Thông tal xa ) And the Liberation Information Agency officially merged and on 12 May 1977 the name of Vietnamese Information Agency ( Thông tal xa Viet Nam ) was formalized.
Currently, the offices of the Vietnamese Information Agency in the South and Central - Central Highlands are authorized to manage and direct the functioning of bodies in the area of ​​management of the Release Information Agency in the past.
These two regional offices continue to promote the glorious and proud tradition of the Liberation Information Agency, contributing to the development of the Vietnamese Information Agency to be always worthy of being the strategic information center of the Party and State.