Renovation of a school thanks to the NGO Saigon Childrens Charity
VietReader 9-10-2020, 22:59
Renovation of a school thanks to the NGO Saigon Childrens Charity
Inauguration ceremony for the construction of the Kim Dong primary school.

Located more than 270 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Phung Hiep is one of the poorest districts in Hau Giang province with around 11% of households classified as poor. A study by the Ministry of Education and Training shows that less than 50% of elementary schools in Hau Giang are made of concrete.
Saigon Children’s Charity and its donors organized the inauguration ceremony of a school renovation project in a remote area of ​​Hau Giang province (South).
This is a brand new classroom, playground and toilet with a total area of ​​357 m² for Kim Dong Primary School, Phung Hiep District. This project is coordinated by the NGO Saigon Children's Charity with the financial support of the following partners: BASF, HP, M me Tsanh My Linh, MKVN, Tam Trssn, plus local budgets and in-kind funding from Nippon Paint Vietnam.
More than 90 children are expected to benefit from a safe, hygienic and comfortable learning environment once the project ends (early 2021).
In addition, Hoa Long B school currently has four classes, three of which are for primary and one for kindergarten. The three elementary classes were built in 1996 with very basic structures and materials.
Over the past 25 years, many degradations have been observed, especially during the rainy season. In addition, the corrugated iron roof is particularly noisy in rainy weather, making it difficult for teachers and students to concentrate.
During the inauguration ceremony, 300 pairs of shoes were given to students from all schools of Kim Dong Primary School. They were donated by Khoan Nghi, using materials from BASF.
'' BASF regularly supports the community through a variety of programs, including school renovations in collaboration with its partners. We are very happy to support this project to provide a better learning environment for children. The project also sees the participation of our clients. With this project, we are delighted to celebrate the construction of a 5 e school, demonstrating BASF's long-term commitment to contributing to Vietnam's sustainable development '' said Erick Contreras - Managing Director of BASF Vietnam.
In 2017 BASF and its partners renovated Long Thanh 3 Primary School and Tan Long Kindergarten in Hau Giang Province, helping around 140 students to have more suitable study spaces.
Text and photo: Minh Thu /CVN