Calligraphy exhibition celebrates Hanoi’s 1010th anniversary
tranthuy02 4-10-2020, 18:36

A calligraphy exhibition and festival themed “Thang Long – Hanoi” started on October 2 at the Temple of Literature complex to celebrate the 1010th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

Calligraphy exhibition celebrates Hanoi’s 1010th anniversary
 The event is being held by the Center for Cultural and Scientific Activities – the Temple of Literature to connect calligraphy clubs in Hanoi, calligraphers from all the regions in Vietnam.
 More than 100 calligraphy works on display feature Hanoi’s land and people, cultural values, history and education.
Diverse activities such as calligraphy performance, seminar on calligraphy activities, exchanges between calligraphy clubs and tourists took place. 
 For many years, calligraphy activities have attracted the interests of the public in the capital and across the country. Calligraphy gradually becomes a cultural activity not only in spring but throughout the year. Calligraphy often expresses the mood of the writer.
 The event will provide a space for the community to enjoy and contemplate calligraphic works in Nom, the Chinese character-based Vietnamese script, and even in Latin letters.
 Visitors will be given the chance to write Nom script themselves, chat with the calligraphers and enjoy an array of interactive activities.

Photo: Minh An (Kinh te & Do thi)