Four drug traffickers from Laos arrested in Thanh Hoa
admin 22-06-2020, 18:29
Four drug traffickers from Laos arrested in Thanh Hoa
Four drug traffickers from Laos are arrested in Thanh Hoa (Photo:TTO)

Upon their arrest, the drug traffickers were identified as four Vietnamese nationals residing in various localities throughout Thanh Hoa province.

The group were caught red-handed on June 19 by police operating in Thanh Hoa as they were driving a car in order to illegally transport 22,000 methamphetamine pills for domestic consumption.

After hearing the accounts of each of the traffickers, the police in Thanh Hoa province conducted an emergency search of each of the suspects’ homes, where they confiscated a grenade, two swords, and other exhibits relating to drug smuggling operations.

According to an initial investigation conducted by the police, the arrested suspects were part of a larger trans-national drug trafficking ring that has been illegally transporting heroin into Vietnam from Laos.

The case is currently under further investigation.