Law-breaker pays heavy fine for wildlife trade
thamnguyen99 30-09-2020, 10:40

Law-breaker pays heavy fine for wildlife trade

Police officers of Lam Dong province catch Nguyen Van Thanh in the act of restoring rare animals (Photo: SGGP)

The People’s Committee of Lam Dong Province on September 29 handed down an administrative sanction of VND 330 million to Nguyen Van Lam, residing in Cat Tien District in Lam Dong Province as he violated the law.
Previously, police officers from the Environmental Police Department in Lam Dong Province conducted an administrative inspection of Nguyen Van Thanh’s house finding out many wildlife species, including one rare snake weighing 1.4 kilograms and two varans weighing 10 kilograms.
Moreover, police officers discovered 100 kilograms of frozen animals comprising of endangered species list such as chevrotain, civet, Varanus bengalensis, porcupine listed in the IB group in the freezer.
In addition to fine, the local authority confiscated all rare animals.

By Doan Kien – Translated by Anh Quan