Ho Chi Minh City: flowery streets against waste
admin 20-09-2020, 01:09
Ho Chi Minh City: flowery streets against waste
M me Thu Huong takes care of his flower carpets.

When visiting the commune of Quy Duc, in the Binh Chanh district, one is surprised by a charming landscape, more precisely an incredible flowery street. Here, many young people are captivated by this beauty and capture beautiful scenery with their smartphones. Although the site is not yet very well known, it attracts many young people who can especially discover the portulacaceous flowers with such a sweet scent.
Nguyen Thi Tuyet Van, resident of Binh Chanh, says: " Previously, this street was all that is normal. But since the residents planted these rows of flowers there, we have come back to nature. ".
Nguyen Thanh Truc, a young girl from 11 e district, exclaims: "Watching this street, immersing myself in this natural beauty is a real pleasure!"
These colorful flowers were carefully planted by the family of Thu Huong, a family of rice farmers. M me Huong said the goal was not only to create a beautiful natural landscape, but also to join with local authorities to prevent garbage dumps on the streets.
Huynh Thi Thu Huong, from Ward 2 Duc Quy Commune, Binh Chanh District, explains: "I carried out this action to say 'no to waste', in accordance with the criteria of the New Rurality. Since we have these flower carpets, no one is throwing away waste."
Many streets in Quy Duc commune, Binh Chanh district, are covered with carpets of flowers, creating a spectacular landscape. Since the appearance of these flowery streets, many visitors. At the same time, locals are more aware of the importance of protecting their environment.
Truong Thi Ngoc Thu, secretary of Ward 2 Duc Quy commune, indicates: "We have created a beautiful landscape for the people. A clean and beautiful street educates the public about the protection of the environment" .
Da Phuoc Commune Road 4B is located just a few hundred meters from Ho Chi Minh City's largest landfill, but there is no waste dumped on either side of this busy highway axis. Instead, a stunning carpet of colorful flowers that catches the eye.
This craze for planting portulacaceae along the streets is starting to spread throughout Binh Chanh district, bringing a new rural, beautiful and charming appearance to Ho Chi Minh City.
Text and photo: Quang Chau /CVN