COVID-19: No new cases reported in the last 12 hours
admin 16-09-2020, 22:02
COVID-19: No new cases reported in the last 12 hours
Checking the body temperature of a Vietnamese woman returning from Singapore. Photo: VNA /CVN

The toll of the epidemic includes 691 cases of local transmission, including 551 linked to epidemic foci detected since July 25 in the central city of Dà Nang. Thirty-five deaths have been reported and 931 cases have been cured.
Of the patients still on treatment, 16 tested negative once, 12 more twice and 18 more three times. Three patients are in serious condition with a high risk of death.
Some 32417 people who have had close contact with positive cases or from areas affected by the pandemic are in quarantine in hospitals, places of containment and at home.
With the resumption of international commercial flights between Vietnam and a number of countries approved by the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health has developed a project called "Guide on Supervision and Testing for SARS-CoV-2 Virus for people entering Vietnam ".
The Ministry of Health has also strengthened the capacity to provide rapid diagnostic and test bioproducts; to conduct research to manufacture the least expensive test products with high accuracy; develop a sample collection plan to detect infections at border gates and airports, in line with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in the "new normal".
To prevent and control COVID-19 in the "new normal", the Ministry of Health called on the population to follow the so-called "5K" message: Khâu trang (Mask), Khu khuân (Disinfection), Khoang cách (Distance), Không tu talp (Without gathering) and Khai báo y tê (Medical declaration) to live safely with the epidemic. VNA /CVN