The inhabitants of Dông Tâm united to build the New Rurality
VietReader 16-09-2020, 18:50
The development of the new rurality has brought a new physiognomy to the town, with paved roads crossing villages and hamlets, and public works such as schools, infirmaries and modernized markets, thus improving local living conditions and opening up more opportunities for economic development.
The inhabitants of Dông Tâm united to build the New Rurality
On the road leading to the commune of Dông Tâm, in the district of My Duc, in the suburbs of Hanoi. Photo: VNA /CVN

This is the result of the timely orientation of the Communal People's Committee and improved management in all sectors. In the coming times, the local government will stimulate economic restructuring to increase the share of industry-service in the economy, encourage the application of advanced technologies in agriculture, promote large-scale agricultural production and improve vocational training. Particular attention will also be paid to the construction of public works, to the synchronous implementation of social security policies, as well as to the stabilization of the social order in all circumstances.
According to Lê Dinh Luong, secretary of the Party cell and head of the Hoành hamlet in Dông Tâm commune, the local population was unanimous in building a better commune after the restoration of law and order. "We are working to complete all new rurality standards by the end of 2021. The focus will be on the division of agricultural land for four residential areas by the end of this year. After that, investments will be made in the electrical system, irrigation and the paths leading to the fields ", he said.
Nguyên Van Tinh, a resident of Hoành hamlet, said the Dông Tâm incident was a sad story. The people at fault had been convicted and the life of the inhabitants had returned to normal, he said, adding that the most ardent desire for him and for the other inhabitants was to build a better Dông Tâm, by transforming it into a neo-rural area. Nguyên Thi Xuân, also in the village of Hoanh, said that as many residents lack social and legal knowledge and live in difficult economic conditions, she hoped that the Party, the state and the relevant authorities will create favorable conditions. for Dông Tâm to build a new neo-rural area, helping to improve local livelihoods.
Promotion of the role of socio-political organizations
One of the lessons learned from the Dông Tâm case is that more attention needs to be paid to building the Party and the political system at the grassroots level in rural areas. In addition, socio-political organizations have a very important role in the popularization of legal knowledge.
The head of the Information and Education Commission of the My Duc District Party Committee, Dang Van Canh, said that communication work plays a key role in helping cadres and residents to fully understand the policies of the Party and state laws. " The incident in Dông Tâm commune showed how important it is for the leaders of Party committees and authorities to be deeply aware of the importance of welcoming citizens and settling citizens' petitions. ", He stressed.
For his part, the secretary of the Communal Party Committee, Phan Van Su, said that Dông Tâm's case was a difficult experience for the cadres, Party members and residents of Dông Tâm commune. It is essential to put in place a strong political system and a contingent of cadres with adequate capacities and responsibilities. " Concerted coordination between organizations of the political system, Party committees, authorities, the Fatherland Front to social organizations and villages, is very important because it helps local officials to understand the thinking of the people. On this basis, the right measures will be taken to meet the expectations of the population ", he concluded. VNA /CVN