Business in Dông Tâm: applied justice, awakened conscience
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Business in Dông Tâm: applied justice, awakened conscience
Twenty-three defendants prosecuted for "acts of opposition against persons exercising public office" in the Dông Tâm case.
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According to the verdict of first instance, in this case there were six defendants: Lê Dinh Công, Bùi Viêt Hiêu, Nguyên Van Tuyên, Lê Dinh Doanh, Lê Dinh Chuc and Nguyên Quôc Tiên, who had played a role of brain and leader ; committed criminal acts; prepared tools, means; assigned the tasks to other defendants and also directly attacked the relevant forces. So they have to suffer the highest and most severe sentence compared to the other accused. Most of the defendants accepted the sentence. In this case, the offense is too obvious, the consequences are particularly serious, nothing can justify the act of killing three police officers and soldiers in public office.
Among the six defendants mentioned, Lê Dinh Công played the role of mastermind and leader, often manipulating, inciting, calling for acts of protest, organizing meetings, posting video clips, disseminating directly on social networks the declaration to kill de 300 to 500 police officers He actively prepared tools, resources and assigned tasks to other defendants. He directed and granted money to buy gasoline, grenades; directly made bombs and threw them at the appropriate forces. Lê Dinh Chuc (Công's younger brother) poured gasoline directly into the pit, killing three policemen.
Considering that the consequences caused by the accused Công and Chuc are particularly serious, showing hooliganism, cruelty, loss of humanity and inability to reform, the Judging Council decided to apply the most severe sentence : death sentence.
Lê Dinh Doanh (son of the accused Công) poured gasoline into a basin, lit the fire and pushed the basin into the pit where three policemen and soldiers fell. It is the act directly causing the death of police and soldiers. This behavior shows hooliganism, aggressiveness and rigor in the murder. The accused himself has been tried three times for numerous crimes.
According to the Judging Council, the accused must be definitively removed from social life. However, the accused has a father and an uncle punished with death, during the trial process he confessed all his offenses so that the Trial Council decided to sentence him to life imprisonment.
The tolerance of the law
After the completion of the interrogation sessions of the accused, a representative of the prosecution analyzed the role and level of crime of each accused and decided to convert the charges of " Murder " To "opposition against persons exercising a public function" in favor of 19 accused. As a result, the sentence that the prosecutor requested to apply to these people was also reduced. In addition, the representative of the prosecution continued to ask the Judging Committee to further reduce the sentences for the benefit of the accused, thereby demonstrating the State's humanitarian policy towards those who have committed offenses.
The representative of the Public Prosecutor's Office analyzed and specifically examined the behavior of each accused, the motives and the objectives of the crime. The defendants admitted that they had limited knowledge of the law and they blindly trusted and followed Lê Dinh Kinh. The defendants are not the subject of fierce opposition, having moderate participation in this case, not directly carrying out acts killing three police officers and soldiers.
According to the Judging Council's estimates, most of the defendants attacked for the purpose of opposing the functional forces while on duty. So the Judging Council accepted the Prosecutor's proposal to transfer the crime and reduce the sentence of the accused. On this basis, 19 defendants in this case received lighter sentences. The number of defendants receiving a suspended sentence was 14 which is double the initial proposal of the prosecution (7 people).
Faced with the court's conviction, Pham Công Lam (father of Pham Công Huy - a police officer who died in the case) expressed his agreement with the leniency of the Trial Council when it decided to ease the sentences for the defendants. According to Lam, thanks to clemency, the defendants will have the opportunity to return home, rebuild their lives and become good citizens.
In reviewing the crimes of the group of six defendants for "murder", the Trial Council also focused on mitigating circumstances. He found that the 70-year-old accused Bùi Viêt Hiêu did not directly cause the deaths of the police and soldiers; the accused Nguyên Van Tuyên was a disabled person, sincerely declaring and actively helping the investigative agency to clarify the criminal acts of the other defendants; the accused Nguyên Quôc Tiên had an attitude of sincere declaration, had not directly caused the death of the police officers and soldiers Consequently, the Judging Council sentenced these three accused to a lower sentence than that proposed by the Prosecutor's office so that these accused have the possibility of returning soon to the community and of becoming useful people for society.
Consciousness awakens
During the trial, questioning and argument in court, most of the defendants expressed regret and apologized to the families of the deceased. They explained that their illegal acts were due to limited legal knowledge, blind pursuit of others Their criminal acts were clear, undeniable, no need for a new apology or further investigation. They were aware of their behavior and promised to become good citizens. They pledged never to violate state laws and regulations.
The defendants pleaded to admit all his crimes and ask for forgiveness, while promising never to break the law again.
Justice has been served. Those who break the law must pay the price. They must face penalties commensurate with their crime. They themselves are not only aware of their mistakes, but also sincerely confess their guilt. Their consciousness is awakened, knowing good and bad. They want to correct their mistakes. The important thing is that they understand the right path they need to take.