Waste for gifts: Hanoians discover the joys of sorting
VietReader 15-09-2020, 14:53
Waste for gifts: Hanoians discover the joys of sorting
Residents bring sorted recyclable waste to the collection point and exchange gifts.

The weekly activity is part of a project initiated by the Hanoi Urban Environment Company (URENCO) since August with the aim of promoting the sorting of waste at source.
During the campaign, every Saturday, citizens can bring their recyclable waste sorted at seven points distributed in the districts of Hoàn Kiêm, Ba Dinh, Dông Da and Hai Bà Trung and receive in exchange small gifts, such as soap, shampoo and shower gel.
The Mgreen mobile app also allows everyone to ask environmental staff to collect garbage directly from their homes.
After receipt of the waste, URENCO will carry out a new sorting before its transport to the recycling sites.
" Through this campaign to exchange recyclable products for gifts, we want to send the message that unsorted garbage is just waste, while sorted garbage is as precious a resource as consumer goods ", says Nguyên Thi Thuy Ninh, deputy director of sales and communication of URENCO.
The company managed to collect more than 6.8 tons of waste of all kinds after more than a month of implementing the campaign.
" I sort my garbage to avoid polluting the environment. This program is very useful and educates people about sorting and recycling S garbage," said Dô Kim Nhung, a resident of Dông Da district.
Text and photo: Dan Thanh - Hang Nga /CVN