Quang Ngai launches campaign to limit plastic products
daitranvan 15-09-2020, 06:50

The central province of Quang Ngai has started a campaign to reduce the use of disposable plastic products at local tourism sites.

Quang Ngai launches campaign to limit plastic products

Collecting rubbish on the beach.

Since early September, Quang Ngai People’s Committee has issued a plan to manage ocean waste during the 2021-2025 period. Popular tourist sites will play an important role in the public awareness programme.

The goal is to reduce 50% of the plastic waste and recover 50% of the fishing tools that have been thrown away or gone missing. Rubbish collecting and beach cleaning programme will be launched at least once or twice a year.

70% of the tourist sites, accommodation facilities and other services along the beaches and on the islands will not use disposable plastic products and plastic bags. Another goal is to clean plastic waste in 70% of Ly Son Conservation Area.

In order to achieve such goals, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment will work with other agencies to carry out key missions like building and implementing promotion programmes, ocean waste-collecting movements and the importance of waste classification.

The department will also help inspire fishermen, tourists and local firms in coastal areas to stop using plastic products in coastal areas.

Quang Ngai authorities will also train the state employees at coastal wards about rubbish management and call for firms and individuals to use environmentally-friendly products and recycle rubbish more.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment will lead teams to survey, classify and review the waste generated from mainland and activities on the sea. It will help build a complete system to collect, classify, transport and treat plastic waste in industrial zones, urban areas, tourist areas and residential areas.

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