Dông Tâm case: reduced sentences for several accused
admin 14-09-2020, 23:06
Among these 23 defendants, Bùi Thi Nôi received a 6-year prison sentence. Lê Dinh Uy, Lê Dinh Quang, Lê Dinh Quân, Nguyên Van Quân and Bùi Van Tiên were each sentenced to 5 years in prison, while Bùi Van Tuân, Trinh Van Hai and Nguyên Van Due, 3 years in prison for each. The other 14 defendants were sentenced to terms ranging from 15 months suspended prison to 3 years suspended prison sentence, and were released after the trial.
Dông Tâm case: reduced sentences for several accused
Twenty-three defendants prosecuted for "acts of opposition against persons exercising public office" in the Dông Tâm case.
Photo: Doan Tân /VNA /CVN

The jury declared that these 23 defendants had committed crimes such as preparing weapons, directly manufacturing Molotov cocktails , and most had directly attacked the competent forces on mission in the Dông Tâm case. During the investigation and at the trial, several defendants have sincerely exposed their crimes and are aware of their violations of the law and expect the leniency of the law. On this basis, the Tribunal decided to mitigate their sentences.
For the six defendants prosecuted for “murder”, Lê Dinh Công and Lê Dinh Chuc were sentenced to death; Lê Dinh Doanh, to life imprisonment; Bùi Viêt Hiêu, to 16 years in prison; Nguyên Quôc Tiên, to 13 years in prison; Nguyên Van Tuyên, to 12 years in prison, all for "murder" according to article 123 of the Penal Code of 2015.
According to the indictment, although knowing that the Senh field of Dông Tâm commune was used for defense purposes under the direction of the Ministry of Defense, Lê Dinh Kinh (born in 1936 residing in the hamlet de Hoành) and others set up a so-called “consensus group” with the aim of reoccupying and sharing the land.
They frequently incited residents to file complaints about the management and use of land by the Dông Tâm administration, used social media to spread false information that the Sênh field belonged to Dông Tâm commune and called on the local population to “fight to keep the land”.
In late 2019 and early 2020 after learning that the Hanoi Police Department cooperated with the Air Force Air Defense Department of the Ministry of Defense to deploy personnel to protect the builders of the fence walls to protect Miêu Môn airport on the Sênh field, Lê Dinh Kinh and his accomplices bought weapons in order to resist the competent forces.
On January 92020 some people resisted law enforcement, used grenades, Molotov cocktails and knives to attack relevant forces and persons in public office and to disturb public order. They repeatedly poured gasoline into a pit where three policemen were trapped before setting it on fire, which directly caused their deaths. Police found Lê Dinh Kinh holding a grenade and calling on others to resist, so they decided to kill him.
Also on January 9 while the police were carrying out their mission in Dông Tâm, three people came to attack them with knives. After being arrested by the police, two women continued to attack the police force with knives and stones. The women managed to escape but were later captured.