Vietnamese American donates over 10000 meals to local residents
sonnguyen 14-09-2020, 14:20

Vietnamese American donates over 10000 meals to local residents
Viet Pham preparing the free meals (Photo courtesy of Viet Pham/via VNE)

Viet is the owner of “The Recess Room” restaurant, located in Fountain Valley city, Cam County, California. Every Friday lunchtime since March, his restaurant is frequented with long lines of people who come to receive the free takeaway meal sets his group donates.

Like many other dining establishments in the world, The Recess Room has been heavily stricken by the COVID-19 pandemic. Its revenue went down to only nearly 10 percent the normal amount, 90 percent of the employees were laid off. Despite all of these hurdles, Viet and his associates at The Recess Room decided to launch the heart-warming campaign.

“ We agreed to distribute free meal sets for the elderly, students, the homeless, and the disabled. At the moment, around one-eights of households in the US are facing food shortage. It’s important to get a little closer and lend each other a helping hand in this difficult time ”, Viet was quoted as saying.

The menu varies on a weekly basis, however, most of the dishes are Vietnamese food.

“ We got great feedback from the community. If only we had launched the campaign earlier ”, Viet said.

People gathering in front of The Recess Room to receive food (Video courtesy of David Truong/via VNE)

Viet and two other oversea Vietnamese who also join the campaign (Photo courtesy of Viet Pham/via VNE)

More than
10000 sets of meal
have been handed over to needy people since March when non-necessary businesses were forced to closed to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Yet, Viet and his associates have no intention to stop. The group is enlisting financial help from families and friends from the Vietnamese community to continue their mission.

Along with free meals, The Recess Room also runs a 50% discount program for medical staff, lifeguards with no requirement to show personal identification.

Viet is also planning for another discount program dedicated to all the medical personnel at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center.

“ Everyone can donate from US $5-10 for each meal set ordered by the medical staff. This fund will be used to help those working round the clock against the pandemic ”, Viet shared.