Five children drown in Mekong Delta pond
sonnguyen 14-09-2020, 00:03

Authorities in Tinh Bien District said the children went for a swim at the 1000-square-meter pond in Van Giao Ward around 1 p.m. Around one hour later, local residents found them drowned in the pond and took them to a local medical center for emergency.

However, all had died. Among the victims, two came from the same family.

The deepest part of the pond is nearly 2 m. The children cannot swim, authorities said.

Child drowning deaths are not uncommon in Vietnam, which besides a long coastline of nearly 3300 km also has innumerable rivers, canals and ponds. More than 11000 children drown each year in Vietnam, according to the WHO.

Experts had said that a lack of facilities and personnel to teach children swimming and safe behavior was made worse by a lack of knowledge and awareness among parents and other relatives.

Vietnamese schools don’t teach students how to swim mainly due to the lack of facilities.