Kiên Giang: efforts to supply drinking water to coastal communities
VietReader 10-09-2020, 16:48
Kiên Giang: efforts to supply drinking water to coastal communities
M me Le Thi Thang, an 80-year-old from Tan Thanh commune, An Minh district, benefits from the drinking water treatment system funded by footballer Cong Vinh.

An Bien district has some 30500 households of which more than 13000 live in four communes of Nam Thai, Nam Thai A, Nam Yen and Tay Yen. They make a living from agriculture and shellfish farming and only around 10000 households have access to drinking water.
According to Mr. To Thanh Doan, vice president of the district of An Bien, the district has five drinking water supply stations which are not sufficient to pump water for all households. There are several reasons. Since groundwater is contaminated with alum and salinity, in some places hand pump wells cannot be drilled.
Even in some areas with a water supply station, people cannot afford to pay for pipes and water meters. Households that do not have access to safe drinking water are mostly found in rural, coastal, sparsely populated areas, and their livelihoods are mainly associated with agricultural production.
Mr. Le Thanh Phe, head of the Dong Giua district, Nam Thai commune, An Bien district, said that his district has 343 households but only those living along the Thu 6 canal are equipped with meters and have access drinking water, that is to say a hundred families.
The other 250 households living near the Dan Quan, Muoi Do, Hai Mit and Chin Meo canals use containers to store rainwater or buy water.
"The water is salty or contaminated with alum. There are many places to drill wells, but the water remains unsafe for drinking. It is only used for washing. At Every council meeting. popular in the town, people always offer to install tap water " , said Mr. Le Thanh Phe.
According to Mr. Vo Van Truong, who lives in the Dong Giua district, Nam Thai commune, An Bien district, by the sea, the daily supply of drinking water is problematic. The population is still waiting for investments to have tap water.
Efforts of local authorities and donors
The family of M me Nguyen Thi Phoi, 63 living in the district of Dong Giua, commune of Nam Thai, district of An Bien, has lived without drinking water for about thirty years. In April 2020 HD Bank installed a drinking water filtering system and a water tank free of charge. It also installed another in the 6 Dinh district of the same district, with a water treatment capacity of 1250m³ /day and night, at a total cost of over 200 million VND.
One of the water supply stations in An Bien district, which supplies drinking water to four municipalities.

Since then, M me Phoi and neighboring households do not have to buy drinking water elsewhere, and above all, they are no longer worried about the lack of drinking water as before.
"For a long time, our family and neighboring families had no access to drinking water on a daily basis. This year, thanks to this water treatment system financed by the HD bank, we have found a smile again. contaminated water, we are very grateful for this assistance " , confided M me Phoi.
An Minh district, meanwhile, received six drinking water treatment systems, funded by sponsors. Le Thi Thang, an octogenarian living in the district of Xeo La A, commune of Tan Thanh, does not hide her joy at seeing her family and some 250 neighboring households using drinking water provided by a modern treatment system installed in April 2020. This system, more than 700 million VND, was financed by the family of Cong Vinh, footballer of the national team of Vietnam. It is capable of processing 500 liters /hour.
“Previously, our family had to pay hundreds of thousands of VND to buy drinking water elsewhere. During the dry season we always faced the lack of water for our daily activities. Since this system was installed, we did not. have more worries " , confided M me Thang.
Currently, An Bien district has five drinking water stations, benefiting some 10000 households. However, these stations can only serve drinking water to 50% of the population of the district. The appeal to generous donors and other funders is necessary.
Between 2019 and 2020 the BIDV bank and the District National Front installed nearly 4000 water tanks for the inhabitants of the communes of Dong Thai and Nam Thai A.
At the provincial level, according to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, director of the Water Supply and Sanitation Center of Kien Giang Province, in the near future, in addition to continuing to install plastic tanks with a capacity of 1m³ for households far from the water supply system, the center will deposit a basin project of 27 hectares in the commune of Van Khanh Dong for daily life and production in the district of An Minh, with a reserve of planned water of 700000 m³.
In An Bien district, the Water Supply and Sanitation Center of Kien Giang Province is implementing a project to extend the water supply station in Nam Thai commune, by multiplying its capacity of 3 times. At the same time, the province continues to install more than 1400 water meters for households in An Bien, before the next dry season arrives.
Text and photos: Truong Giang /CVN